In our laboratory we perform most blood-work in house so we have most results within 30 minutes so that we can properly diagnose disease and treat it in the same day The equipment is also used to do screening test on our Geriatric patients so that we hopefully can detect disease sooner and extend our patients lives. We have a Complete Idexx in House laboratory system with all of the newest pieces to it. We also have a Fuji digital X-ray machine and processor.


We perform routine Spays and Neuters as well as more complex surgeries. We perform most soft tissue surgeries along with some orthorpedic ones as well. We currently have a two table surgery suite with state of the art anesthetic equipment and monitoring equipment.


We do have a isolation ward for our contagious patients. We mainly use this contagious disease like Canine Parvovirus and Feline Rhinotracheitis.


At Long Drive we do hospitalize some of our patients. Since some patients do require 24 hour care, it is not uncommon to transfer some to the Emergency Clinic for 24 hour care.