We Are Always
Welcoming New Patients

At Long Drive Dog & Cat Hospital, we always welcome new clients and patients to our full-service veterinary practice in Houston, TX.

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted in our spacious lobby by our receptionists. Our office is typically a very busy, fast-paced environment. We work to keep our clients satisfied with fast and efficient service at an affordable price.

All sick animal visits are seen on a first come, first served, walk-in basis; however, well-animal vaccinations can be seen as a walk-in, or you can call to make an appointment. All our surgeries and anesthetic procedures are by appointment only.

Let’s work together to keep your beloved furry friend happy and healthy!

New Client Registration FormPatient Health History Form

What To Expect

For Clinic visits:
  • Walk-in patients are seen as first come, first served.
  • Appointments are seen at your scheduled time, ahead of walk-in patients
  • Update any changes to your mailing address, email, or phone number. We use these for reminders.
  • If you are able to, please complete the health history form online and let the receptionists know that you did so
  • You will be informed of the expected wait time and an estimate of # ahead of you
For Scheduled Surgeries:
  • Surgeries are scheduled in advance
  • No food or water for your pet after 9pm the night prior to surgery
  • Check in for surgeries is 7am-8am
  • You will receive a call from us with a brief update after the procedure
  • We will call to let you know when your pet is ready for pick-up; however, 5:00 pm is the latest pick-up time. Expect a bit of a wait if not here before 5:00 pm.
Grooming Visits

We only have a groomer on Fridays for haircuts; however, we can bathe, clean ears, and express anal glands as a Kennel Bath Monday through Friday.

  • Grooming is accepted on a first come, first served basis, space is limited, and appointments are not available. Clients tend to line up early on Fridays for those coveted spots, so have your coffee ready the night before.
  • If a veterinarian needs to see your pet for medical services, you must wait with your pet until 8 am.
  • We will call to let you know when your pet is ready for pick-up; however, 5 pm is the latest pick-up time. If you wait until 5:00 pm, expect a bit of a wait.